We believe ethical trading is a difficult and potentially confusing area with regard to clothing and we seek to be as open and transparent as possible when it comes to our claims about Lily & Grace. Our ethics and the way in which we manufacture our clothes are important to us and we recognise that it is important to you too.

Our clothing is designed in the UK by our in-house team in Gloucestershire and as a print led company, all our prints are unique. We work with our own factory in Kathmandu, Nepal where the majority of our garments are manufactured.

Our co-founders, Hari and Amelia have full control over working conditions and employment practice. The factory employs 240 staff and they earn well over an average well paid salary in Nepal. 

Staff facilities provided meet government regulations and exceed them in most areas. We ensure that staff have yearly paid holiday leave and health assistance where needed. We also support the children of selected long-term employed staff by supporting their education.

The highlight of the year is the annual staff picnic where all staff and family are invited for a day out which includes breakfast, lunch and tea! Hari is not only committed to the welfare of the people who work for Lily & Grace and Lily & Me, but to the wider community in his rural home district of Gorkha where the people do not have access to good schooling, roads and health care. The main projects he is involved in are:

 * Establishment of a co-operative community. He has donated funds to assist the connection of electricity to rural areas of Gorkha district.

 * Forming a community project to construct road access to remote areas of his childhood village.

* The construction of a high school in his childhood village to enable children to have the opportunity to gain access to higher education.

* Organising and helping to fund four different health camps for women, children, general health and eyes. More than 1500 people who do not have direct access to general medical checks have benefited so far.

* Organising the supply of clean drinking water to three local schools.

Setting up a library in a nearby village school and donating bags and stationery for the children.

* Teacher training programmes for all schools within the Gorkha district.

 * Annual donations to local social projects.

Lily & Me (our sister company) are proud to support these projects and offer an annual donation to them alongside more local charities within the UK.

With the help of your wonderful donations at the checkout, we have been able to match the amount and send money for our chosen charities Little Hearts Matter and the Bristol Children's Hospital. 

We manufacture our fabric in China and a small percentage of our clothing is made in China and Bangladesh, which is harder to control given the scale of the supply chain. However, we source our fabric in factories that have clearly defined working conditions and we are committed to regularly visiting and checking the conditions in the factories we use.